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About AzarShahr County


Azarshahr (Tufarqan or Dekhvareqan) is one of the cities of East Azerbaijan province and the center of Azarshahr county. Having Sahand mountain to its east has given a pleasant climate to this city.

The old name of this city was Dehkhareqan, which has been changed to Azarshahr during the Pahlavi dynasty. This city is 1468 meters above sea level. Azarshahr is located 54 kilometers southwest of Tabriz on Tabriz-Bonab axis.

Yaqut al-Hamawi has mentioned this city as “Dehnakhirjan” while Hamdallah Mustawfi has named it “Dehkhvareqan”. Most of the historians mention Azarshahr as a small town with eight subsidiary villages and write about its abundant vineyards and diverse fruits. Also, its walnuts and split peas are world renown. There are pistachio orchards in Firuz Salar village of Azarshahr.  Azarshahr has several historical monuments; the most important of them are the Pire Qatran site, Pire Heydaran cemetery (which is being demolished for the construction of an institute), Romans mosque, Jame mosque of Azarshahr, ancient Badamyar and Turamin cave and cemetery of Mamaqan, Turamin mosque of Mamaqan, Auliya tomb in Qazi Jahan village and Pir Jaber tomb in Mamaqan.

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