Girl Grave, Dashtestan
Chehel Khaneh Cave
Persian Gulf, Bushehr
Rais Ali Delvari Museum
Ancient Siraf City

About Bandar-e Kangan County

Bandar-e Kangan

Bandar Kangan is the center of Kangan county in Bushehr province. Kangan county is the operational site for a large portion of the South Pars’ refinery projects. Bandar Kangan ends at Jam county from east and northeast, Dayyer county from northwest, Asaluyeh county of Bushehr province from south, and at Persian gulf from west. Kangan county, the host of the largest gas and petrochemical industries of the country, is named the economic capital of Iran.

Most Popular Tourist Attractions Of Bandar-e Kangan County

Tourist Attractions Of Bandar-e Kangan County

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