Sheikh Safi-ad-din Ardabili Complex
Savalan Mountain, Meshginshahr
Ancient Site of Shahar Yeri
Beautiful Nature of Ardabil Province
Shahsevan Nomads

About Ardabil Province

Ardabil province is the land of Sabalan, with its gushing hot springs. The beautiful Ardabil province with its unique natural and historical attractions is one of the interesting regions for tourism in Iran. The most important feature of this province is its pleasant and cool weather of this region during spring and summer seasons. Ardabil province is at the northernmost point of Iran. As a part of Azerbaijan region, this province makes up the eastern, northeastern and southeastern sides of it. Mugan plain, which is in this province has fertile soil and special importance. On January 11, 1993 the bill to make Ardabil a province was passed in the Islamic Consultative Assembly. And on April 11, 1993 this province was separated from the Eastern Azerbaijan province and was made into an independent province. The border length of this province with the Republic of Azerbaijan is about 369 kilometers. Ardabil province, having a pleasant climate, many ancient and historical relics and tens of mineral hot springs is one of the top 10 tourism destinations in the country. 

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