Chalus Road, Karaj
Dizin Ski Resort, Karaj
Paragliding, Karaj
Pol-e Khab Rock-Climbing Region
Khur Waterfall, Khur village

About Karaj County

Karaj is one the metropolises of Iran and it’s also the center of Alborz province and Karaj county. After Tehran, Karaj is the biggest destination for immigration of population in Iran and also it has a rather younger population compared to the other cities in Iran.  As a foothill city, Karaj is situated at the slopes of Alborz mountains. The vast Karaj plain is on the transit and transportation route of the imports and exports from Turkish and Azerbaijani borders to and from Tehran.
Alborz mountain range, like a massive wall, has separated the Mazandaran province from Karaj. Rural districts of Karaj are situated within the twisting valleys of Alborz and around Chalus road. 

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