Ala Daghlar Mahneshan

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Concrete gray cities have deeply absorbed people as if creation of the Earth had been as colorless and artificial from the very beginning. 
When the hands of a great artist touch the paintbrush, the spectra of his color feast cannot be counted. In a distance not too far, God's tableaus can be seen with soul and heart. 
One of those tableaus is Aladağlar that visiting and taking photos of them revive the visitors' spirits. 
Aladağlar is the local name of colorful mountains and hills located in Azerbaijan and Zanjan. 
"Colorful Mountains" or " Aladağlar" are one of the beautiful sceneries on the Earth.

General Specifications
Ala Daghlar of Zanjan Province
Ala Daghlar is the local name of the colorful mountains and hills.
Geographical features
From the Mahneshan of Zanjan province until the Tabriz-Ahar road of East Azerbaijan province.
Best time to visit
Any time of the year on road trips
Necessary equipment
Access route
Zanjan-Mianeh superhighway (the route of Zanjan and Mahneshan to Tabriz), Iran
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