Margavar Rural District

About: Margavar Rural District

Margavar village is one of the environs of Silvana district of Urmia with an approximate area of 442.5 square kilometers and is one of the rare districts of Iran in terms of climate conditions, geographic position and variable plant species that are surrounded by Zagros Mountains and these mountains have been spread like a barrier around this area.

In terms of existence of high climaxes, deep and green valleys, hot water springs, high lakes, beautiful gardens, small and large rivers, natural waterfalls, beautiful hillside villages and hundreds of other natural scenes which are not only rare in the west north of the country, but also are rare across the whole country.

General Specifications
Margavar Rural District
Geographical features
Zagros mountains
Plant features
Walnut trees and other fruits of the villages of the region, Plain's native plants
Important parts to visit
Famous waterfalls, springs and lakes and villages of the region
Best time to visit
Spring and Summer
Nearest tourist attractions
Soule Dokal waterfall
Access route
West Azerbaijan province, 45 kilometers southwest of Urmia and along the Band road
Parking at the beginning
Residence at the beginning
Drinkable water spring on the path
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