Famous Wetlands of Maku

Buralan wetland and other wetlands of the West Azerbaijan province

About: Famous Wetlands of Maku

Boralan is a district on the borderline between Iran and Turkey, which shares its border with Nakhchivan Republic and Armenia as well. Boralan is a vast plain containing 32 villages in which 1410 nomadic and rural households live. It has approximately 100 thousand livestock, which is three times more than the ecological capacity of the pastures. This area used to be called "Azerbaijan's Lost Paradise" in the past. 
Thanks to "Cheshm-e Sorayya" (Sorayya's Eyes) high water spring, being adjacent to Ararart snow-covered mountains in Turkey, the presence of several nomads and villages with various cultures and traditions, and finally being adjacent to three countries, Boralan is considered as one of the tourism destinations of Iran, especially natural tourism. 
There are 30 wetlands with freshwater and salty wetlands in West Azerbaijan, which constitute 640 hectares of the province. 
Currently, 6 wetlands of the province are members of Ramsar International Conference. 
In this section, we introduced Boralan and other wetlands of Maku County in West Azerbaijan Province.

General Specifications
Famous Wetlands of Maku
Geographical features
Maku city is very important as a border city and Buralan wetland is located at the border of Iran and Turkey.
Animal features
64 bird species have been identified at Buralan wetland.
Plant features
Buralan area has rich vegetation and is known as a lost paradise.
Best time to visit
Duration of visit
One day
Access route
Maku, West Azerbaijan, Iran
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