Darak Beaches of Konarak

Where Desert meets the sea

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About: Darak Beaches of Konarak

One of unique beauties in IRAN is in Sistan and Baluchestan on the Oman beach. The beach of Darak, a village in the Zarabad section of Konarak, not only is one of the most exclusive beaches in Iran, but also is one of the most unique beaches in the world; the turquoise waters of Oman and the Indian Ocean are joining together, and the sea and the wilderness have created an amazing nature.

Darak is the only place in Iran that you can see the desert and the sea next to each other. Darak beach with sand dunes and palm trees has created exquisite scenes. There are few beaches in the world that have palm trees and sand dunes by themselves.

General Specifications
Darak Beaches of Konarak
Geographical features
Oman beaches
Special features
In this area, you can see the sea and desert side by side which exhibit one of the most spectacular landscapes in the world.
Important parts to visit
Oman Sea Coast and Desert
Best time to visit
Early spring, winter
Similar places
Namib coastal desert in southern Africa
Nearest tourist attractions
Chabahar beaches and free markets, Persian Gulf and Oman
Access route
Darak, Zarabad, Konarak, Sistan and Baluchestan, Iran
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