Haft-Rang (Seven Colors) Spring, Shahrood

Seven Colored Fountain of Mojen

About: Haft-Rang (Seven Colors) Spring, Shahrood

Farahzad Tash Area and Seven Colors Spring are located in the protected area of Shahrood County and on the central Alborz Mountains in the north of this county. Agriculturing and animal husbandary are the major jobs of people due to abundant water and green grasses in the area.
Seven Colors Spring has always been the center of attention of the local people due to the beauty of its springs and its health benefits. In Seven Colors Spring, you can see navy, blue, turquoise, soapy, orange, mercury and brown colors.
Seven Colors Spring was registered in 1386 along with Farahzad as the best tourist areas.

General Specifications
Seven Colored Fountain of Shahrud
Both because it is located in a colorful surrounding and also its water turn into different colors because of passing through different minerals.
Sulphuric spring
Animal features
A variety of mammals and birds.
Plant features
Pasture plants and plants of the forest can be seen in this area.
Other features
The area is famous for the treatment of diseases of the skin and bones.
Best time to visit
Access route
Within the canyons of the slopes of Shahvar summit , 5 kilometers from the Mojen three-way, across the Farahzad touristic region, 25 kilometers north of Shahrud, Semnan, Iran
How to access
The access route tothis place region is from Mojen via the asphalt road.
Access to vehicles
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