Poppy and Sunflower Plain of Kalpoosh

About: Poppy and Sunflower Plain of Kalpoosh

Kalpush is located in Mayamey county, Shahroud town of Semnan province. This district is located in an approximate distance of 140 kilometers from north east of Mayamey and its meadows become covered with sunflowers in midsummer and it is covered with poppy flowers in spring.

General Specifications
Poppy and Sunflower Plain of Kalpoosh
Plant features
Poppy and Sunflower Plains
Best time to visit
May until late September
Nearest tourist attractions
Golestan national park
Access route
Semnan, Shahrud, 60 kilometers from the route of Shahrud-Mashhad , upon reaching the beautiful Meyami village, turn towards north in order to get to this extraordinary location
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