Hot Springs of Mehdishahr

About: Hot Springs of Mehdishahr

Mahdishahr hot water spring is unique in its own kind for having three separate springs with different medical features. The large springs of this district are named “Mordadab, Garab, and Qulanj” and they are considered as mineral waters originating from inside the earth. The water of this district exists in the internal structure of earth and is elevated by the central heat of the earth and comes out of the gaps and routes to the surface of the ground. These waters that have sulfuric trait can be therapeutically used by bathing, injection and even drinking with doctor’s prescription.
While lacking a suitable access route to this district, it attracts many particular tourists for its wonderful therapeutic feature, and thousands of people travel to this districts from other provinces every year for treating their diseases.

General Specifications
Hot Springs of Mehdishahr
Healing properties
Among its medicinal properties are its effects on skin mucus and diseased tissues
Other specifications
The water of this region is sulphuric which contains considerable healing properties and is an excellent agricultural source for planting beans.
Best time to visit
Spring and Summer
Nearest tourist attractions
Darband Cave
Access route
Semnan, 18 kilometers West of Mehdishahr, hot springs
Access to vehicles
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