Shamkhal Village and Valley

About: Shamkhal Village and Valley

This is Shamkhal, the paradise of Iran, the paradise of Khorasan. When you enter it, you must go to its end, otherwise its better if you return. There are no alternatives. Shamkhal valley with a mild tilt starts from a village with the same name. Various springs, beautiful waterfalls, sky touching trees, current of clear water, high and strong rocky walls are only a part of the attractions of this valley. Chambers, baths and caves are plenty and indescribable in this place. The coolness of the valley, the ear soothing sounds of water, and the heat pleasing breeze caresses the soul, calms the inside and astonishes the eyes. This glory, beauty and strength is the enchantment of soul by nature. One should let go of everything, there is no delusion, only the truth.

General Specifications
Shamkhal Village and Valley
Shamkhal is the name of an old handmade, but powerful, gun in Kurdish and Kermanji
Named after the village in the area
Plant features
Walnut, fig, apricot, plane tree, willow, poplar, raspberry, shallot, ziziphora, neem, Hafshan, milkvetch, rikhouwk, barberry
Best time to visit
Spring and Summer
Necessary equipment
Shoes with rigid solestent, sunglasses and sun hats, warm and comfortable clothes for the night
Access route
65 km north of Quchan, Khorasan Razavi province, Its beginning is in the region of Quchan county and its end in th region of Dargaz county
Residence at the beginning
Drinkable water spring on the path
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