Nishapur's Turquoise

of the valuable caves of Iran

Khorasan Razavi province, 53 kilometers from Nishapur, The mining village of the Firouzeh county
About: Nishapur's Turquoise

Nishapur town in addition of being the cradle of science, culture and famous people in some eras of Iran’s history and civilization has also been globally famous since ancient times for having a precious gem called turquoise. Blue, original and royal; these are the features implied to the best quality stone of Iran across the world. It is a stone that its first and eldest mine is located in the 53 kilometer of the North West Neyshabour and in Firouzeh town and each year 19 tons of quality turquoise are extracted from its mine. 
It is worth knowing that hand lathing of turquoise is harder than the industrial lathing of this stone, but a better quality is achieved through hand lathing.
The more a turquoise stone is bluer, darker, smoother and more coherent, the more price it has.

General Specifications
Nishapur's Turquoise
The third geological period
Special features
Turquoise Mine
Nearest tourist attractions
Turquoise mansion and Neshat garden
Perfect activity for a rainy day?
Access route
Khorasan Razavi province, 53 kilometers from Nishapur, The mining village of the Firouzeh county
Access to vehicles
Access for the disabled with wheelchair

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2019-06-15 22:25
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We asked again and the answer was this that you have to apply for permission and they most likely might deny it.

2019-06-14 23:17
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Hi there,
Unfortunately, the mine is not open for public but we have notice some Iranians could have visit it by getting a permission. About tourists we are not sure.
When are you going to visit Iran and Nishapur? We have asked a blogger who have visited this mine by getting a permission about its process and if it is possible for foreigners as well or not. Up to now, we haven't received any answer yet. We will inform you if we get any reply.

2019-06-13 01:17
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Is it possible to have a tour for tourists inside the mine?
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