Palang Darreh Protected Area, Qom

About: Palang Darreh Protected Area, Qom

Palang Darreh Protected Area is located in the south western side of Qom Province (on Salafchegan-Neyzar Road) and 50 kilometers from Qom County. Appropriate vegetation and accessible and abundant water have made a suitable habitat for different kinds of mammals, reptiles and birds and this has added to the tourist attractions of this natural area. This area has the riches vegetations in Qom Province.
Palang Darreh Area has become a no-hunt zone since 1375 and was recorded in the list of protected areas since 1388.

General Specifications
Palang Darreh Protected Area, Qom
This area is named Palang (Leopard) because there are Leopards in it and it's a plant and animal habitat.
Animal features
Deer, wild goat, ram and ewe, wolf, fox, jackal, porcupine, rabbit, wild cat and etc
Plant features
Variety of Gramineae , mugworts, prickly thrift, spear thistle, rhubarb, milkvetch, liquorice and types of shrubs such as mountain almond, wild dog-rose, tamarisk, saxual, turpentine tree and etc
Best time to visit
Nearest tourist attractions
70 Gholeh protect area of Markazi province
Access route
50 kilometers from Qom city and southwest of Qom province ( on the road from Salafchegan to Neyzar)
Residence at the beginning
Restaurant at the beginning
Drinkable water spring on the path
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