Molla Sadra House Kahak

Qom, Kahak, Kahak Village
About: Molla Sadra House Kahak

The historical house of Molla Sadra in Kahak is a valuable remnant of the residency of this scientist in Qom. Molla Sadra’s house is built out of adobe, mud mortar, and its ceiling is built with wooden rafters. It has a pleasurable and old space with a high roof and a dome like cover, with black and mud covered walls and simple molding decorations with beautiful Karbandis in ceiling. Four sides of it has square roofed spaces with arrises in zigzag shapes which in general is similar to the Imam Zadehs of the Safavid dynasty.
Rural houses surround it with a tropical architecture. The main plan of this building is a cruciform seraglios which around it there are four sides of the pilot and first floors, rooms and chambers were left and two other rooms were renovated in 1998. The decorations of this building include quasi prayer carpet moldings and reticular moldings in light entrances. In a part of this house, there is a aqueduct with relatively high water which has the same age as the age of this building and it is a part of Molla Sadra’s house complex.
Molla Sadra’s house was registered in December 30th, 1996 with the registration number of 1821 as one of Iran’s national relics.

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Molla Sadra's House in Kahak
Safavid era
1998 (Solar year1377)
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Qom, Kahak, Kahak Village
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