Ghaleh Kord Cave

About: Ghaleh Kord Cave

This cave is located in the 20 kilometer distance of the dual towers of Kharaqan, in Hessar village, one of the environs of Abgarm town which is in the coordinates of 48/51/30 eastern longitude and 35/47/54 northern latitude. Its level is approximately 2064 meters higher than the sea level. After passing the entrance of the cave and descending from a 15 meter cross road, a chamber will appear with an area more than 1000 square meters, and has enormously beautiful stalagmites and stalactites. Its origin goes back to the Eligomeous  era and to the Cenozoic era.

General Specifications
Ghaleh Kord Cave
Geological history
The third geological period
Physical features of the cave
The enterance of the cave is toward the southeast, its height about 8 meters and its width about 9 meters in a semicircular shape
Special features
High humidity, Cave paintings that show this place used to beinhabited by humans in ancient times, water pools
Best time to visit
Spring and Summer
Necessary equipment
Practical tools
Nearest tourist attractions
Kharraqan twin towers
Access route
One and half kilometers southwest of Ghaleh Kord village, Ghaleh Kord village, Aliabad village, Abgarm's two-way towards the west of Hesar-e Valiyeasr, Abgarm, Qazvin, Iran
Access to vehicles

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