Esfidan Village (Espidan village)

About: Esfidan Village (Espidan village)

Espidan village is one of the tourism targets of North Khorasan province. This village has an interesting residential texture and houses are built in a stair like form in hillside. Of the village attractions, we can point to Honarvar waterfall, Bargah waterfall, Khazaneh Honarvar cave, tomb of Sheikh Muhammad Reza Rabani known as Haj Akhund and Imamzadeh Muhammad Ibn-e Baqer Ibn-e Jafar’s tomb.

General Specifications
Customs and traditions
Sizdah Bedar and nowrouz, local games, local music and etc
Local products and souvenirs
Walnut and a variety of fruits
Important parts to visit
Village and waterfall and caves, springs and historical mounuments in the region
Best time to visit
March until late June
Similar villages and monuments
Masuleh; in terms of architecture
Access route
North Khorasan province, 45 kilometers southeast of Bjonord, Esfidan village
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