Khoshke Daran Forest Park

About: Khoshke Daran Forest Park

The intact forests of Khoshke Daran of Tonekabon with one of a kind coverage has turned into the intact museum of the natural history of western Mazandaran and attracts tourists to itself. This preserved area which has a 120 meter distance to the sea is the only intact plain forest and is one of the last survivors of plain forest ecosystems of north of Iran. In margin area of this district, a natural and historical museum is established that shows a set of taxidermy wild animals of north of Iran, and is frequently visited by researchers and knowledge seekers.
The natural and national relic of Khoshkeh Daran with an approximate area of 254 hectares was added to the areas managed by the environment organization in August 12th, 1975 through a directive with the number of 116.

General Specifications
Khoshke Daran Forest Park
Animal features
Boar, wolf, jackal, fox, night heron, grey heron, pheasant, great cormorant, great egret, common blackbird, woodcock, little bittern and a variety of birds of prey
Plant features
Species of black alder, Populus caspica, field elm, parrotia, boxwood, wild pomegranate, medlar, hawthorn, Caucasian wingnut, plum and raspberry
Other features
The only plain forest and one of the last remaining plain-forest ecosystems in the north of Iran
Nearest tourist attractions
Khoshke Daran natural history museum, Danial cave
Special Offer
In order to visit this region you need to make arrangements with the department of environment beforehand
Access route
Khoshke Daran is located in Mazandaran province, 30th kilometer of Tonekabon-Chalus axi and before Salmanshahr right next to the road.
Has temporary accomodation center
Network coverage
More details
Towing and roadside assistance, clinics, prayer house and shopping center is also present in the area.
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