Dohezar forest of Tonekabon

About: Dohezar forest of Tonekabon

Dohezar is the name of a tourist area in Khorramabad District of Tonekabon County, north of Iran. Dohezar has a mild mountain climate with cool summers and fairly cold winters. This area is so beautiful and features scenic mountainous views, meadows, and high plain forests. Dohezar Valley is a tourist destination with a variety of attractions. People from Dohezar Villages speak Mazandarani Language with Gilani Accent. 

General Specifications
Do Hezar Jungles of Tonekabon
The closest estimation to the appellation of this area is it mostly being located at places with the height of 2000 meters from sea level.
Animal features
Leopard, bear, wolf, wild cat, fox, wild boar, rabbit, gazelle, wild goat, ewe
Plant features
Variety of maple trees, beech, ash, plane, Hyrcanian , Echium fields
Best time to visit
Spring and Summer
Necessary tools and equipment
First aid kit, suitable clothes and shoes, Non-perishable food, compass or GPS, camera
Nearest tourist attractions
Coast of Shahsavar, Seh Hezar jungle, Chaldareh forest park, Darya Sar plain
Access route
Do Hezar road, Khorram Abad, Tonekabon, Mazandaran, Iran
Available on the route of Chaldereh forest park
Available at Chaldereh forest park
Shelter on the path
Pavillions are available at Chaldereh forest park
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