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Veresk Bridge is one of the largest railroads bridges of Trans-Iran railway located in the heights of Veresk village in Savad Kouh town in Mazandaran province. This bridge which is an engineering masterpiece came into operation in 1936. One of the wonders of this bridge is lack of using any metal structures in its construction. Veresk Bridge connects the Trans-Iranian railway of Tehran- North and is located in the 110 meter height from the bottom of the valley with a 66 meter crater built with primary equipment. This bridge was titled as “The Victory Bridge” by Winston Cherchil, the prime minister of England during WWII.
Veresk Bridge was registered in October of 1977 with the registration number of 1534 in the list of national relics.
The name of Veresk Bridge is registered in the Guinness world records in the section of bridges with heights more than 61 meters.

General Specifications
Veresk Bridge
Veresk is named after the Veres shrubs which can be found in abundance behind the bridge
Date of construction
First Pahlavi
Austrian L. Von Robcevidc
110 meters
86 meters
Type of use
Special features
No use of metal structures in the construction of the bridge
Best time to visit
Spring and Summer
Access route
Mazandaran, Savadkuh, Veresk village, Veresk valley
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