Sefid Chah Cemetery

Mazandaran, Behshahr, Yaneh Sar, Sefid Chah Village
About: Sefid Chah Cemetery

In the northern border of Iran, there is a famous village which has gained its fame from a mysterious cemetery located in it. This cemetery which is known as Sefid Chah or Sepid Cemetery is located in Behshahr town of Mazandaran province in Sefid Chah village. It can be said that it is the first Muslim cemetery of Iran. It is a cemetery that according to the belief of the local residents, its white soil doesn’t let the corpses to rot. Moreover, this cemetery has various patterns on the standing gravestones showing the character, job and even the habitude of the person lying beneath it.

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Sefid Chah Cemetery
Timurid era
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Pasand village, Palange lash
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Mazandaran, Behshahr, Yaneh Sar, Sefid Chah Village
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