Bagh-e Shah, Behshahr

Municipality, Behshahr, Mazandaran, Iran
About: Bagh-e Shah, Behshahr

Bagh-e Shah is pleasent and beautiful garden in Behshahr which is the Municipality of Behshahr at the moment is the same Bagh Shah known as Ashraf ol-Belad in Safavid period that according to the visitors and tourists has been full of cypresses and adorned flowers.
Mellat Park was in downtown and is considered the center of historical monuments in Safavid era in the north of the country. This monument was built in 1021 hijri and in Safavid Shah Abbas I era with the name Divan Khaneh Mansion and it was his summerhouse. Old trees and rocky springs that were built by engineers of Safavid era with natural slopes are still attractive in the garden. The area is called Ashraf. Divan Khaneh Mansion was destroyed in Afsharieh period and a mansion with sixteen columns was built to the order of Nadir Shah in front of which there was a pond. It became known as Chehel Sotoun Palace.
Apart from Chehel Sotoun Building, several other structures such as Cheshmeh Garden, North Garden, Saheb al-Zaman Garden, Haramsara Garden and Khalvat Garden were built on the borders of Bagh Shah in Behshahr at Safavid period and only Cheshmeh Garden and parts of Tappeh Garden are remaining and no trace of other gardens has left.
Bagh Shah was registered in the list of national monuments with registration number 1537.

General Specifications
Bagh-e Shah, Behshahr
Safavid era
During the time of Nader Shah Afshar and after that
Was built during the time of the Safavid Shah Abbas I and the Chehelsotun palace was constructed inside it during the Afshar era.
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Municipality, Behshahr, Mazandaran, Iran
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