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Among the attractions of Markazi Province, Mahallat Hot Spring is of considerable popularity. This spring is very old and its medical features have been mentioned in historical books. Yearly, especially during New Year and summer holidays, many visitors head for this area to take advantage of its medical features. 
Mahallat Hot Springs consist of six springs including Shafa, Donbeh, Rheumatism, Hakim, Soda (Bakhtiari), and Soleymanieh among which Hakim Spring has the lowest temperature. 
Mahallat Springs are the major destination of tourists visiting Markazi Province due to their medical features and recreational opportunities.

General Specifications
Mahallat Hot Springs
Healing properties
The waters of these springs contain calcic sulphate coumpounds and are of hyperthermal watersor a lot of dry remains which are diuretic and is used In the treatment of gout and liver disease, biliary - kidney and gastrointestinal tract
Water temperature
Their heat, proportional to the high speed, sometimes reaches 100 degrees Celsius
Best time to visit
Spring and Summer
Similar hydrotherapies
Calcic sulphate mineral springs of bans yerdon Igor, France
Nearest tourist attractions
Dodahak carvansarai, Khorhe historical building
Access route
Markazi Province, 15 kilometers to the northeast of Mahallat county. Mahallat hot springs can be reached via Delijan-Mahallat road and the main Qom-Isfahan road (by taking the Dodahak-Khorkhe road)
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