About: Fritillaries

Aligudarz Upside-down Tulips Field, as the world's largest field of upside-down tulips, is considered as one of the tourist attractions of this county that absorbs every visitor. Every spring, Tthe mountainsides of Zagros are covered with beautiful red and yellow upside-down tulips. This spectacular scenery starts from 35 kilometers southeast of Aligudarz capital and continues to the top of Zagros mountainsides.

General Specifications
The Fritillaries, unlike other species of lily, have their flowers faed back from the stem; and that's why they are called mission bells.
Geographical features
Oshtorankuh protected area
Animal features
Brown bear, fox, hyena, boar, grey wolf, wild goat, wild cat, jungle cat, tree squirrel, Coluber karelini, Caspian snowcock, eagle, owl and etc
Plant features
Near the fritillaries, there are also milkvetch, shallot, and other species of pastural plants that decorate the lily plain.
Special features
In this beautiful and unique plain grow two rare species of Fritillaria named Lilium ledebourii and Fritillaria imperialis.
Best time to visit
Ordibehest (late April and early May)
Access route
Dalai plain, 35 kilometers southeast of the center of Aligudarz, Lorestan, Iran
Residence at the beginning
Restaurant at the beginning
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