Sheyvand Waterfall

About: Sheyvand Waterfall

Sheyvand in Izeh is a latent paradise beneath Karoun Dam III Spring that has remained untouched. Sheyvand Villages is comprised of three great villages of Sheyvand, Nosheyvand and Posht-e Asiab, 1 kilometer from each other which have formed a triangle and Sheyvand River passes through them.
These villages are in the heart of the protected area Mongasht and Shalou and Karoun River passes through them. The long river of Sheyvand passes a 4 kilometer distance in the heart of the mountain and joins the spring.

General Specifications
Sheyvand Waterfall
This waterfall is located in the Sheyvand district of Izeh county in Khuzestan province, That's why it's known as Sheyvand waterfall.
Geographical features
Shalu and Mongasht Protected Area
Animal features
Jackal, wolf, rabbit, ram, ewe, wild goat, boar, bear and partridge
Plant features
Oak trees and medicinal herbs
Protected area
Best time to visit
Early spring
Nearest tourist attractions
An old inn from the Safavid era, two mills, cemetery and a ruined castle belonging tot the third and fourth millennium BC.
Access route
Kuzestan, Mongasht mountain range and in southeast of Izeh county, Sheyvand
Access to vehicles
Network coverage
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