Susan Plain of Izeh (Lily meadow)

About: Susan Plain of Izeh (Lily meadow)

Lily meadow is a field filled with all natural and historical beauties, located in the 35 kilometer distance of Izeh town of Khuzestan. It has a distinct and unique nature which stimulates the emotions of any nature loving tourist in Nowrooz. It is a green meadow filled with red poppies which Karun River divides this field in half.

Lily meadow is the name of a vast field encompassing several villages. Fertile field, abundant water and suitable climate have provide all necessary conditions for cultivation and gardening of the warm-blooded Bakhtiari people of this land.

General Specifications
Susan Plain of Izeh (Lily meadow)
Plant features
Poppy flowers
Best time to visit
Late January until early May
Nearest tourist attractions
Ancient mounds, bridge and Bard-e Guris
Access route
Khuzestan, 35 kilometers northwest of Izeh
Residence at the beginning
Restaurant at the beginning
Buffet at the beginning
Safekeeping at the beginning
Shelters on the path
Drinkable water spring on the path
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