Shalu and Mongasht Protected Area

About: Shalu and Mongasht Protected Area

The preserved district of Shalou and Mongasht with an area of 12991 hectares is located in Khuzestan province, Izeh town was announced preserved in 1999. This district is near the lake of Karun 3 damn and is located in Zagros Mountains with the maximum height of 3316 from sea level. In this district, there are snowy mountains and suitable forest coverage which all together have created very interesting and scenic views.
Various animals and plants are cultivated in this area which from the very rare species, panther and the brown bear can be pointed out.
The beautiful natural scenes, the presence of Karun near this district and the favorable access routes have provided the grounds for touristic activities in this district.

General Specifications
Shalu and Mongasht Protected Area
Animal features
Leopard, brown bear, Caucasian squirrel, partridge, See-see partridge, nuthatch, shrike, woodpecker
Plant features
Persian oak, Persian turpentine tree, Mt. Atlas mastic tree, fig and Montpellier maple
Special features
Naturally beautiful sights, the essence of Karun river
Best time to visit
Estimated required time for the visit
one day
Nearest tourist attractions
Karun river, Bajul village
Access route
Khuzestan, Izeh county, this regionis located 25 kilometers to the south east Izeh county and 15 kilometers from Bagh-e Malek County and the only access route to this region is from the eastern side.
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