Shevi Waterfall

Iran'smost beautiful waterfall in Zagros

About: Shevi Waterfall

Shevi or Tale Zang Waterfall is one of the greatest and most beautiful waterfalls in Iran which is located in Zagros Mountains and in Sardash Area of Dezful licated in Khuzestan Province with a little distance from Lorestan Province and between Sartang Shevi Mountains, 10 kilometers from Tale Zang Rail station and on Tehran-South Railroad which is the easiest way to Loeestan Rail Station. This waterfall which is the most beautiful waterfall in Iran in some people’s idea is a beautiful and pleasant waterfall which comes from a cave outside and flows in a high defile downwards. This waterfall was registered as one of the national monuments of Iran on 29th of Dey 1393. Shevi Waterfall that is located in a valley between the forty first mountain and mountain hall has green and beautiful natures in spring. The best time to visit this waterfall in spring, especially Farvardin when the weather is fresher and the nature is greener. Shevi in Bakhtiari Lori language means tenderness and most of the residents of this waterfall are Lor people and Bakhtiari.
It is also noteworthy that Lorestani salamander that used to live in this waterfall has recently been extinct due to contraband of these salamanders which were known as Iranian Salamander.

General Specifications
Shevi Waterfall
Shevi is a feminine name in Bakhtiari Lori dialect which means elegance.
Has been estimated between 80 to 100 meters.
Geographical features
Is of the waterfalls of Zagros
Animal features
Amphibians, unique salamandersand crabs.
Plant features
Willow, fig, grapevine, ash, maple, Montpellier maple and oak.
Important parts to visit
The cave in the region, Shevi waterfall
Best time to visit
Duration of visit
One to a few days
Similar relics and places
Margoon waterfall of Fars province
Necessary tools and equipment
Traveling equipment for the watery path such as slippers, extra clothing, tent and etc
Access route
10 kilometers from Talleh Zang tran station, Sardasht of Dezful, Khuzestan, Iran
Unavailable but you could rent from the villagers.
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