Bamdezh Lagoon

About: Bamdezh Lagoon

Bamdezh Lagoon is one of the fresh water habitats that contains two habitats of flowing seasonal fresh water (streams and rivers) and still water (wetlands and lakes) because Shavoor River is flowing between the area and has become like a natural drain in the form of a channel with a 5 meters width, a 9 kilometers length and a 4 meters depth.
This lagoon which is the source of more than 200 plant species, more than 140 bird species and 40 animal species and different kinds of fish can be taken into consideration for underground water recharging, flow regulation, controlling floods, modifying weather, source of producing natural products, creating tourist attractions, gene bank, holding education and research visits, etc.

General Specifications
Bamdejh Lagoon
Its depth reaches 4 meters
Animal features
Anatidae, Sandpiper, Heron, Mallard, Marbled duck (of the endangered species of the wetland) , Red-breasted goose, Swan, Cormorant and Ruddy shelduck.
Plant features
Caspian Alhagi, Alhagi maurorum, Manna of hedysarum, Liquorice, cotton thistle, common fumitory, Echium, Pennyroyal, Jujube, Amaranth, Reeds, Suaeda aegyptiaca and etc.
Best time to visit
November to March
Nearest tourist attractions
Karun river
Access route
In the vicinity of Mazraeh, Bamdejh, Sadat Tavaher, Seyyed Jasem villages and also Shavur dam, Tavana canal and Ahvaz-Andimeshk railroad, 40 kilometers northwest of Ahvaz, Khuzestan province, Iran
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