Sheikh Bahai House

Behind Atigh mosque, Shahshahan neighborhood, Isfahan, Iran
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Third of Ordibehesht is registered in calendars in the name of Sheikh Bahai, the scientist whose skills in architecture can be seen in all the monuments remained from Safavid era and now his most vivid memorandum is his house in Isfahan and close to Jameh Mosque of the city which dates back to Seljuk period.
Sheikh Bahai House was owned by Shah Abbas’s aunt (Maryam Sultan Beigom) which was later on yielded to Sheikh Bahai by Shah Abbas. The history of this house is also in the book on Shah Abbas’s life compiled by Dr. Nasrollah Falsafi.
Sheikh House was registered in the list of Iran’s national monuments in 1357 and is now known as the most elegant historical house in Asia and Oceania by Cultural Heritage Organization. This house has been an example for the other historical houses in Isfahan and its current residents, Jalali’s are considered the best guardians of cultural heritage.

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Sheikh Bahai House
Seljuk dynasty
1994 (1373 solar calendar)
Nearest tourist attractions
Shaykh Bahai hammam, Jemh mosque
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Behind Atigh mosque, Shahshahan neighborhood, Isfahan, Iran
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