Zeinegan Cave

The arealooks more like a canyon than a cave.

About: Zeinegan Cave

Based on a custome among the Elamite, they go to the nature for the first two weeks of Farvardin and start spring by setting tents in the heart of mountains and plains. The natural and open cave of Zeinegan is one of the tourist attractions and popular places in Ilam that is in fact a very pleasant strait.
Zeinegan Natural Cave is a wonder in the heart of tropical region of Saleh Abad Section of Mehran Tropical County that annually attracts many barefoot guests in summer.
This region is known as Bagh-e Behesht for its very cool and pleasant weather.

General Specifications
Zeinegan Cave
Physical features of the cave
This cave is actually not a cave but a canyon that has mistakenly become known as a cave in this region, both ends of the path are open and it looks nothing like a cave.
Best time to visit
Spring and Summer
Necessary equipment
Extra clothes, slippers for the passing through the water and etc
Nearest tourist attractions
Shrine of Emamzade Ali Salih
Access route
5 kilometers southeast of Salehabad, 52 kilometers southwest of Ilam, Ilam province, Iran
Access to vehicles

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