Ilam Waterfalls, Ilam

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Ilam is one of the provinces in Iran that is located in the west of Iran and in the mountainous and semi-dry region. The center of this city is Ilam. Ilam Province is neighbor with Iraq in the west, Khuzestan in the south, Lorestan in the east and Kermanshah in the north. This province is one of the more or less forest cities in Iran.
Ilam is one of the western cities of Iran and the center of Ilam Province that includes the third Kurdish community in Iran after Kermanshah and Sanandaj. Ilam was known as Poshtkuh in Qajar era for being the summer house of the governor. Its name changed to Ilam in Shahrivar 1307 solar Hijri. Ilam City is surrounded by mountains and towering trees and has a mild and mountainous and spring climate. People of Ilam speak Elamite Kurdish which is one of the subsets of southern Kurdish. Manesht, Siah Kuh and Gachan are important mountains of this province and Godar Khosh, Talkhab and Ghala (Ghal’e) are some of its important rivers.
Ilam has many historical and tourist attractions that are results of its climate and natural geographical position. Some of the tourist attractions of Ilam include magnificent natural waterfalls, some of which will be introduced in the following.

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Ilam Waterfalls, Ilam
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Traveling equipment for the watery path such as slippers, extra clothing, tent and etc
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Between Cham Av village and the public district of Mar Barreh, 18 kilometers from the route of Ilam to Salehabad, Ilam province, Iran. The address of each waterfall is available within the text.
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