Arqavan Canyon

Gows canyon

About: Arqavan Canyon

Arqavan canyon is located in the 3 kilometer distance of the north east of Elam town, in the route to Quch Ali canyon and in the path of a river, trees and purple flowers which catches the sight of any visitor by its colorful nature and green forests. This is why Arqavan canyon is one of the promenades of Elam and the residents of Elam spends most of their leisure time in this canyon.

This is an enormously beautiful and dreamy canyon and is considered as one of the cold climate regions of the province and the birthplace of Cercis siliquastrum. This region was previously known with the name of “Gawez” and is the growth place of various plant species such as oak, Daphne, Acer monspessulanum and Hawthorn, but unfortunately, the major plant species of this district is the Cercis siliquastrum shrub which is being extinct. In the area of this canyon and the up-country heights around it, the pure honey beekeeping industry is common.

General Specifications
Arqavan (Judas Tree) Canyon
Plant features
Its rare and endangered specie is the Judas tree and the accompanying species include Oak, Daphne, Montpellier maple and Hawthorn, Milkvetch, Spurge laurels and mushrooms.
Best time to visit
Spring; especially Ordibehest (late April and early May)
Nearest tourist attractions
Vali catle of Ilam, Choghasabz forest park
Access route
3 kilometers northeast of Ilam city and on the routue of Quchali canyon, at the enterance of the route from Kermanshah to Ilam, within the Mishkhas Rural District, Ilam province, Iran
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