Marjan Beach of Kish (Coral beach)

About: Marjan Beach of Kish (Coral beach)

Marjan beach (Coral Beach) Park which is located near Marjan bazar is one of the most spectacular centers of Kish and connects Marjan bazar to the beach. The Coral Beach of Kish is so blue and clean that any moving creature can be seen under the water for the existence of corals in various shapes and colorful oyster shells and different snails and sea stones frequently brought to the coast by the water of the gulf.
Each year, many travelers and residents of the island spend their leisure time in this beach and enjoy the scenic views of Kish.

General Specifications
Marjan Beach of Kish (Coral beach)
Geographical features
Persian Gulf coast
Special features
There are colorful corals and shells in different forms and types of marine snails and stones
Best time to visit
Late Aban till early Ordibehesht ( Early December till late April)
Nearest tourist attractions
Marjan Shopping Mall
Access route
Marjan beach, Marjan square, Kish, Hormozgan province, Iran
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