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Siah Keshim Area joined the areas under management of Environmental Protection Agency on 1361/6/21 as a protected area by Act 93 of Supreme Council for the Environment (State Infrastructure Commission).
Siah Keshim Protected Area with an area of 4498 hectare is located in the south west of Anzali Lagoon and north of Some’e Sara Province. The area looks like a lagoon in appearance.
The most prominent plant species in Siah Keshim Protected Area include Louis, reeds, sedges, water plantain, sparganium, elder, trapa, nelumbo nucifera, water lili, ceratophyllumand flocks such as black nightshade, American pokeweed and land plants like alder.
This area is a suitable place for birds’ migration and regeneration of terns where they make nests and lay eggs.
Two police stations of Siah Darvishan and Espand stations are responsible to protect the area.

General Specifications
Siah Keshim Lagoon
Animal features
Tern, swan, goose, Ferruginous duck, ,Red-crested pochard, Eurasian teal, mallard and etc
Plant features
Bulrush, reed, sedges, pondweed, sparganium, elder, water caltrop, sacred lotus, water lilly and etc
Protected area
Best time to visit
Nearest tourist attractions
Anzali Lagoon
Access route
North of Sowme'eh Sara city, south of Anzali lagoon, Gilan province, Iran
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Siah Keshim Lagoon

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