International Lagoon of Amir Kalayeh

About: International Lagoon of Amir Kalayeh

Amir Kolayeh international pond is one of the unique ponds of Gilan province. One of the unique features of Amir Kalayeh lagoon of Lahijan compared to other ponds of Gilan is that this pond is one of the few fresh water ponds which is located only in a one kilometer distance to the sea. It is noteworthy that Amir Kolayeh pond is one of the most significant reservoirs of a type of fish with the scientific name of Tinca which is very unique in its own kind.
Thousands of immigrant birds such as swan, pelican and other duck families spend winters in this place. One of the other natural beauties of this pond is the water lily (Blue and white water lily)  which has given this place a spectacular reflection.
This water ecosystem with the name of Amir Kolayeh lagoon was placed in the list of international ponds in 1975 with regards to its ecological attractions and features.

General Specifications
International Pond of Amir Kalayeh
The pond is named so because of being located in Amir Kalayeh village
Fresh water
Its average dept is 2 meters
Animal features
ِDifferent species of reptiles, amphibians, mammals and birds and fish live in this area.
Plant features
Nelumbo nucifera, Water Lily, Pond tulip, Aquatic Tuberose and Lemna
Other features
This pond is one of the few fresh water ponds which are locatedin a mere one kilometer distance from the sea
Protected area
Best time to visit
Nearest tourist attractions
Caspian Sea
Access route
Gilan, 36 kilometers to the Northeast of Lahijan, Pond of Amir Kalayeh
Access to vehicles
You can rent from the villagers of the area
Network coverage
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