Haygher Canyon (Grand Canyon of Iran)

Grand Canyon of Iran

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About: Haygher Canyon (Grand Canyon of Iran)

Haygher Canyon (Grand Canyon of Iran)

Haygher canyon or known as a Grand Canyon of Iran is like one of the most other incredible places in vast Iran that are not well explored.

Haygher Canyon is located in south of Shiraz city which is one of the top visited cities in Iran by travelers, however still the tourist attractions in the south of this city is unknown to many locals and foreign tourists. About 150 km (2 hours) drive from shiraz, you will reach to this canyon by passing so many other tourist attractions on the way, such as Ancient city of Gor or Fire temple of Firuzabad and The Maiden Castle (Ghaleh Dokhtar) which we highly recommend visiting it.

According to different sources, this canyon has about 13 km in length and 450 meters in height in some area. There is a Ghareh Aghaj River passing through this canyon - depending on the time of a year there could be more or less water in it. Most of the travelers to this canyon prefer just to enjoy a breathtaking view easily reachable by car and a short walk. But some prefer an adventures in this canyon by hiking and rock-climbing into the canyon which needs at least a full day to be dedication.

Haygher canyon is a symbolic place for Ghashgai nomads, a symbol of respect and fear for Ghashghai nomads so Ghashghai people once they reach to this canyon they would face to canyon and loudly say (HAI HAI HAI).

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This canyon is located in Zagros Mountains and as you may know these mountains have a vast variety of species, plants and herbs. Grand Canyon of Iran and Firuzabad region is one of the 8 places in this part of the world which has the most plants and herbs variety. From outside of the canyon if you look down, you may not see but once you enter to the canyon, you will notice so many trees, plants growing out from everywhere even from hard rocks and stones. So nomads use these herbs and plants for different reasons, for example, they would use this wild almond tree’s branches as a broom to clean their tent. By using these branches as a broom which they have a bitter taste cause the insects don’t enter to their tent.


The Maiden Castle (Ghaleh Dokhtar) on the way to Haygher Canyon



There has been a High Lines walk on this canyon with attendance of some countries such as Iran, Italy, Germany and Poland. The highest line was 435 meters in length and 457 meters in height which was 1 week event in the end of March 2019.


The highest and widest "The High Line in Iran"


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General Specifications
Haygher Canyon (Tangeh Haygher)
450 meters to 13 km length
Best time to visit
During day time
Necessary tools and equipment
Hiking shoes for visiting from outside - To get in, it is better to have some good hiking equipment
Nearest tourist attractions
The Maiden Castle
Access route
Fars province, Firuzabad, Haygher Canyon
How to access
You need to take a taxi to get here or you can book a tour with us
Parking at the beginning of ascension
Restroom at the beginning of ascension
Residence at the beginning of ascension
Restaurant at the beginning of ascension
Buffet at the beginning of ascension
Safekeeping at the beginning of ascension
Shelters on the path
Drinkable water spring on the path
Network coverage
More details
You need to go here prepare, there are no facilities near the Canyon.
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