Fire Temple of Firuzabad

Fars, Firuzabad
Visiting time:
Spring and summer 8 to 20, Fall and winter 8 to 18 (It closes half an hour earlier)
Weekly holiday:
Annual holidays:
9th and 10th of Moharram, 28 Safar, 21th of Ramazan , 25th of Shavval( these are dates on the lunar calender) 14th Khordad (solar calender), 22 Bahman and the last friday of Ramadan closed until 2:30 pm.
Entrance fee(Iranian):
25.000 Rials
Intrance fee(Foreigners):
150.000 Rials
About: Fire Temple of Firuzabad

This Fire Temple that is also known as the Ardashir babakan palace, dating back to 1,800 years, is located in Firuzabad, Fars province.This place was built by Ardashir Babakan, the founder of the Sassanid Dynasty, in the 3rd century AD, during the last monarch of Parthian. The building that is located next to a mineral spring, consist of three sections: a high porch, three dome halls, and a courtyard with two porches and adjoining halls.   
This building is considered as the most interesting architectural building of the Sassanid period.

There are several other historical monuments in Firuzadad such as Qal'eh Dokhtar, the city of Gur and several Sassanid sculpted friezes.

This place was recorded as UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2018.

General Specifications
Fire Temple of Firuzabad
The third century AD
Ardashir Babakan
UNESCO World Heritage
Important parts to visit
Fire Temple, Hassan Abad castle, ancient cemetery, ancient villages
Best time to visit
Similar relics and places
The historical remains in Farashband, Sarvestan, Izad Khast and Kazerun
Nearest tourist attractions
The ancient monuments of Firuzabad, Qal'eh Dokhtar of Firuzabad
Access route
Fars, Firuzabad
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