Ali Baig Castle

Kamtal mountain, Kharvana district, Varzaqan, East Azerbaijan, Iran
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About: Ali Baig Castle

Ali Beyk castle is in the most western point of Gharadagh or Arasbaran Mountain and in one of the most spectacular part of Azerbaijan in southern coach of Aras River. It has been located among the pretty, unique and high mountains of Kamtal in highest point named Bozdash, the famous and historical castle of Azerbaijan which is known as Ali Beyk Castle among people and enthusiasts.

Ali beyk was the leader of battles of Caucasus people against Russia Tsar Empire and cruelty of its governors.
It should be noted that it is necessary to get a license in order to pass the route from Ali Baig castle to Kamtal and visiting its nature and it is possible that environmental monitoring station prevent ascending the mountains in Patak-loo area. 

General Specifications
Ali Baig Castle
Ali Bey led the struggle against the Russian tsarist government and the tyranny of the emperor at the time.
Pre-Islamic times
Qajar era, by Ali Baig
Best time to visit
Duration of visit
One day
Similar relics and places
The building syle and the architecture type of Ali Bey castle is somehow similar to Babak, Qahqaheh and Avarsin castles.
Special Offer
Needs obtaining authorization from the relevant ranger.
Access route
Kamtal mountain, Kharvana district, Varzaqan, East Azerbaijan, Iran
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