Mineral and Hot Springs of East Azerbaijan

About: Mineral and Hot Springs of East Azerbaijan

In different locations of East Azerbaijan, there are numerous mineral springs of hot water and cold water which are used by all public people. In Sarab and Bostanabad, there are 149 springs and about 141 springs in Tabriz and Azarshahr. 
History of “Hydrotherapy” which is the oldest medicinal remedial method dates back to civilizations of Egypt, Greek and ancient Rome, such that Egypt court had ponds in which they added flower, plants and special oils and assumed that hot-water springs or geysers can be useful for human’s health by improving the blood current. 
In 1889 AD, French Sebastian Nit wrote a book named “remedy by water” and revived treatment by water and he was called father of new hydrotherapy. 
The most important mineral springs of east Azerbaijan are located in following cities: Azarshahr, Kaleybar, Ajabshir, Sarab, Bostanabad, Varzaghan, Heris, Hashtrud, Maraghe, Shabestar, Charavimagh, Malekan and Kandovan. 
In this paper, aome of these mineral springs are referred. 

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Mineral and Hot Springs of East Azerbaijan
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You could use the accommodations available at the area, when using the hot springs located at cities or villages.
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