Edible Sculptures Museum Tabriz

This is the first private museum of Iran, which has put the most natural ediable artifacts made out of cement and plaster in display, Master Behtooni, the creator of these artifacts passed away in 2013. (1392 solar calendar)

House of Art, Golestan park (across Vahdat art school), Tabriz, East Azerbaijan, Iran
Visiting time:
9:00 to 14:30
About: Edible Sculptures Museum Tabriz

Food Sculpture Museum
Professor Behtouni’s museum is one of the museums of Tabriz which is recognized as the first personal museum of Iran. 
This exclusive museum has represented works such as sculptures of food, dried goods, beans, junk food, cookies, foods of Azerbaijan, Iranian foods, foreign foods, proverb subjects, stories, customs and etc. You cannot name any food or fruit that its plaster or cement samples does not exist in this exhibition. All foods and dried goods from far villages in Azerbaijan and exclusive foods from southern parts of country like Sistan and Balouchestan, KHouzestan and Boushehr and … have been constructed by Professor Behtouni. 
In his last years, he developed his works and entered into the culture range of other nations. He prioritized the provision and construction of foods of foreign countries. His ambition and perseverance was praised by Mr. George Brandyar, agent of FAO as much as he remembered this exhibition as an excellent and unique complex around the world. 

General Specifications
Edible and food Sculptures Museum, Tabriz
Type of Museum
Special features
First private museum, in which the ediable sculptures of different nationas of Iran and the world havebeen put on display.
Best time to visit
Any time of the year
Duration of visit
One hour
Nearest tourist attractions
Arg Alishah
Access route
House of Art, Golestan park (across Vahdat art school), Tabriz, East Azerbaijan, Iran
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