Kaghazkonan Protected Area

This area connects the leopard habitats together like a bridge.

About: Kaghazkonan Protected Area

Kaghazkonan protected area is located in east Azerbaijan province and Mianeh County .Due to its proper geographical position, it is a suitable location to nurture types of plants and wildlife. In this section, we examine this part of province. 

General Specifications
Kaghazkonan Protected Area
Named of the region's name
Geographical features
In terms of geomorphology usnits, this area has three mountainous, hill and plain units; and also the Qizil Uzan river is very important as an aquatic habitat.
Animal features
Leopard, wild goat, gazelle, caracal, brown bear, wild cat, hyena and etc
Plant features
Opium poppy, cheat grasses, wild leek, echium, yellow onion, variety of alfalfa, sheep Festuca and etc
Nearest tourist attractions
Historical Pardlis bridge
Access route
Kaghazkonan district, Mianeh county, East Azerbaijan, Iran
Residence at the beginning
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