Vayqan Cave

Harasar cave

About: Vayqan Cave

There is a spectacular large cave in Vayqan Village, in Asheqlu District of Khoda- Afarin County, in Harasar mountainside. It can be named as one of the wonders of creation and an interesting place for having fun. Unfortunately, however, even many local people do not know of this cave. In the last decade, although Arasbaran Forests host many travelers and tourist specially in Spring and Summer, few people visit this cave due to lack of information about tourist attractions of the area. Vayqan Cave is of utmost importance not only in terms of archeological explorations but also in terms of speleology.

General Specifications
Vayqan Cave
Named after the Village in the area
Geological history
The date of this cave is unknown
Physical features of the cave
The height of cave's enterance is 10 meters and its width also about 10 meters. Its mouth is like a vault and it's like rocks have undergone an orderly carving.
Special features
There's also a water spring at the end of the cave's interior.
Best time to visit
Duration of visit
One day
Necessary equipment
Powerful light source
Nearest tourist attractions
Vayqan castle
Access route
Vayqan village, the route of Kaleybar to Khoda Afarin, East Azerbaijan, Iran
Access to vehicles
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