Jungle so Hurand

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Containing 11-hectare forest lands, Hurand County features exotic and rare species including juniperus excels, taxus baccata, and sumac. The total area of taxus baccata al around the world is less than 5000 kilometers 1 percent of which belong to the forests of Hurand County. 
Hurand County has three important reserves of juniperus excels, taxus baccata, and sumac in Fandoqlu, Qarah Darvish, هوای, Jafarabad, Vervejen (وروجن), and Tabesranaq.

General Specifications
Jungle so Hurand
Geographical features
Of the Arasbaran jungles
Animal features
Brown bear, wild boar, fox, jackal, wolf, caracal, and birds such as: partridge, grey partridge, jay, red-billed chough and birds of prey such as the golden eagle, falcon and etc
Plant features
Has different plant and unique tree species of yew, hornbeam, oak, hazel, walnut, Cornelian cherry dogwood and sumac and etc
Best time to visit
Spring until early Fall
Estimated duration for the visit
Atleast one day
Access route
170 kilometers from Tabriz, Hurand district, East Azerbaijan, Iran
Drinkable water spring

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