Ala Daghlar along the Tehran Tabriz Highway (Colorful Mountains)

Colorful mountains

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About: Ala Daghlar along the Tehran Tabriz Highway (Colorful Mountains)

One of the places that you can visit colorful mountians or in local language (Azeri) Ala Daghlar is, on the highway of Tehran to Tabriz, 180 km before Tabriz, you will notice these beautiful colorful mountains which are painted by nature. 

If you are travelling on your own car or with priviate transportation, it can be good short stop to take advantage of it, to enjoy the beautiy of nature and taking some great photos.

There is a parking space on the side of the highway, that you can stop and park your car and have a short walk to the top of these mountains.


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General Specifications
Ala Daghlar in Zanjan Tabriz Highway (Colorful Mountains)
Ala Daghlar is the local name of the colorful mountains and hills.
Best time to visit
During sunny day
Estimated required time for the visit
30 minutes
Necessary equipment
Access route
East Azerbaijan, Charoymagh, Tehran Tabriz highway, 180 km to Tabriz
Parking at the beginning
Restroom at the beginning
Restaurant at the beginning
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