The Most Famous Lagoons of Ahar

Yusoflu wetland, Dibsiz (bottomless) wetland, Qoch Goli wetland and Khormalu wetland.

About: The Most Famous Lagoons of Ahar

Ahar County with its sweet and pretty nature is the destination of many for summer trips. There are three lagoons in east of Ahar including Yousefloo lagoon, Dibsiz lagoon and Qouch goli lagoon. Khormaloo lagoon is in southwest of Ahar. 
13th of Bahman coincides with 2nd of February is the world day of Lagoon. This occasion is an excuse to remind lagoons of the area. It is better to preserve these unique gifts of nature. 

General Specifications
The Most Famous Lagoons of Ahar
Geographical features
There are 3 wetlands east of Ahar and one to its southwest.
Animal features
These wetlands are used by migratory aquatic birds.
Best time to visit
Spring and Summer
Special Offer
On the 2nd of Febuary, the international better wetland day, special ceremonies are held in this county.
Access route
The address of each location has been mentioned in the text, Ahar county, East Azerbaijan province, Iran
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