A lush region with summer snow!

About: Goshadagh

Qoshadagh or Goshadagh
Ahar is a plain among Qareh-dagh and Qoshadagh mountains. These two mountains in north and south of Ahar are counted the important and significant heights of Arasbaran and northwest of country. These tourism sport heights developed this area and has led hundreds of people to come and visit this mountainous nature.

General Specifications
Goshadagh, Example of Nature's Paradise
Its highest peak is Yay Gariwith 3400 meters of height.
Geographical features
Gowijeh Bell cervix is in the vicinity of these mountains. Goshadagh highlands to the south and sheyvar highlands in the north are quite suitable for mountaineering and hiking.
Plant features
There's a Ziziphora plain in this region.
Special features
"Yay Gari", which is the known symbol of Goshadagh, can be seen from Ahar plain during Summer.
Best time to visit
Spring and Summer
Necessary tools and equipment
Mountaineering and tourism equipment.
Access route
5 kilometers north of Heris city, Ahar county, East Azerbaijan, Iran
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