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Migration is the term that explains thousands of years of Lurs traditional life in the mountain-sides of Zagros. "Malkanon " is the most important life matter of the nomads. In addition, Malkanon reminds the most significant Bakhtiari tribe's piece of music. 
Malkanon is the ancient historical ritual of Bakhtiari nomads. It is the beginning of the nomads' migration. 
In Bakhtiari culture, "migration" is associated with hardship and effort, and Bakhtiari men and women take the plunge by traveling through maintains and rushing rivers. 
All year round, the nomads migrate twice to reach the green pastures in Yaylak and Kishlak. Yaylak spring migration from Khuzestan to Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari is always pleasing because the nomads get to green pastures and flowing water. 
The nomads set a time to head off and pack their luggage. They proceed towards Yaylak in the spring. Those who are responsible for driving lambs and goats sing some poems in Luri so that they can spread the joy and excitement of the travel and the movement of lambs and goats among all of the nomads. 
Bakhtiari nomads migrate twice a year. In the spring, they move from hot areas (cities of Khuzestan Province) to cold places in Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari Province and the northern mountainsides of Zagros Mountain Range between April and May, and return from the same path between September and November. 
3800 kilometers of first, second, and third class roads have already been identified in Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari Province. Some of those roads are more than 300 years old. The most important road is Dez-Part which starts from "Rokh Col" and connects to "Dehdez" district in Khuzestan Province. 

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General Specifications
Bakhtiari Nomads
It's probable that Bakhtiari is the transformed formof Bactria and Bakhtiaris are actually Bactrias
The highlands where the nomads travel to and stay during the warm months of the year.
The lowlands where the nomads travel to and stay during the cold months of the year.
Language and dialect
Bakhtiari Luri
National figures
Shapour Bakhtiar, Mohammad Mosaddegh, Soraya Esfandiary and etc
Best time to visit
Emigration time of the nomads.
Access route
Highland residence
The settlements of Haft Lang tribe in Shurab vicinity are the Gazi canyon and the slopes of Zard-Kuh until Ardal with the centrality of Kuhrang and Chelgard counties.
Lowland residence
Settlement of Haft Lang tribe: In the vicinity of Andika county and Masjed Soleyman county.
Native residence
Black tent
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