Armand River Rafting

Amazing boat ride on roaring rivers.

About: Armand River Rafting

Rafting history in the world is as old as the whole history. Since human found out about the necessity of short trips on water, he realized that a means of transportation is required that can float on the water and travel from one place to another. Literally, the word "Raft" means a wooden boat which is built by tying some pieces of wood together. In Persian, it is called "Kelk". Native Americans are the first recorded creators of rafts in the world. Traditional competitions of Native Americans are still held in South America. 
Armand District is located in the north of Lordegan County and has Mediterranean and half-dry climate. It has been selected for tourism-sports activities in the comprehensive plan of river ecotourism. 

General Specifications
Armand River Rafting
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Necessary tools and equipment
Suitable hiking shoes, small backpack, proper ecotourism clothing, extra clothing, swimming equipment, towel, water canteen (filled), suitable shoes for treading entering water and river.
Access route
Armand region, Lordegan county, Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari province, Iran

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