Dezak Palace Castle

Clothing Museum and the Museum of Stone

Miras avenue ,Dezak village, Kiar, Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari province, Iran
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Spring and summer : 9 to 19 , Fall and winter: 8 to 17
About: Dezak Palace Castle

Qal’eh Dozak castle is one of the most historical and beautiful castles of Chahar Mahal Va Bakhtiari province where hosts many travelers every year in the time of Nowrouz holiday. The building complex of Qal’eh dozak as one of excellent cultural and artistic relics is located in the village of Dozak near Kiar town and in the 35 kilometer distance of Shahr-e Kurd. This castle is a residential building of several generations of Bakhtiari Ilkhanates, and several Iranian and foreigner writers such as Rawlinson, Izabella Bird Bishop, Henry René d' Allemagne, Schunemann, Wilson, etc. have finely mentioned it.
The foundation and main part establishment date of this building which was known as “Ved Divankhaneh” and includes rooms and the skeleton of the pilot floor of the current building goes back to 1875. And since then, until 1907 when the last dated tablet of this complex has been installed, other parts including the indoors building, back yards and other parts were added to the main building and decorations were developed and completed in several stages.
The Mirror chamber of this complex is one of the excellent relics of the historical castle. Four cases of the wall paintings of this chamber is in the form of “two combined picture layers” glass-painting, which gives it an utter 3D view and it is rare in similar samples in the world.
Currently, there are very beautiful castles in this province, and from the most important ones of them, we can name the historical castle of Chaleshtar, Qal’eh Dozak, Qal’eh Farrokh Shahr, Qal’eh Sorek, etc.

General Specifications
Dezak Palace Castle
Taken from the name of Dezak village
Qajar era
The building was constructed under orders from Lotfali Khan Amir Mofakham Bakhtyari.
Architectural style
Special features
Mirror hall of this collection is of the most outstanding works of the historical castle.
Similar relics and places
The mirror chamberof this pleace is so very similar to those of the Italian palaces.
Nearest tourist attractions
Surak village
Access route
Miras avenue ,Dezak village, Kiar, Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari province, Iran
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